Variable in URL path for libraries

Hello, and sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have been grappling with this all morning.

Our project is shared across a number of developers, and to avoid the tedious work of setting up new developers I am trying to change the IML files to use more intelligent paths.

We use maven, and as such have a .m2 directory in our user's home directory.
However, in the IML files, this is hard coded to the user. In my case
C:\Documents and Settings\treynolds\.m2

I can not find any documentation on how to use environment variables in the URL.

$MODULE_DIR$ resolves to something, as well as $PROJECT_ROOT$, but I can't find a list of any of the other variables that will actually resolve. Is it possible to get a listing in intellij?

I have tried getting environment variables from the system, %env.userprofile%, %userprofile%, %USERPROFILE%, no luck.

Is this even possible?


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have you tried opening the projects using the pom.xml instead of the ipr ?
If you need manual customization of the project, this should work quite well


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