when I say "find next" I mean "find next"

when searching in output window,
then hitting F3 IDEA searches from beginning
when "entire scope" is checked.

but even if "entire scope" is checked,
I think F3 (find next) should search from cursor on.

The "entire scope" behaviour confused me,
and got on my nerves tremendously !!!

Disclaimer: thanks for the great IDE and
respect for the achievement of creating it...

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well it seems my complaint was not quite right and
f3 behaves correctly.

the real problem is, that I don't need the
"entire scope" option at all in the output window
when searching.
Search from cursor, and backwards / forwards
is enough and less confusing.

In my opinion "entire scope" is only useful
when replacing.

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so, topic should read like this:

when I say find, I never want
to search entire scope, I always want to search
from cursor.

i posted a feature request for this, see

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No, wrong, I want to search the entire scope. Sometimes I'm editing the end of a (long) file, and the stupid idea of finding something just hits my mind. Now, I want to find the ocurrences of these things from the beginning of the file.

"Search the entire scope" is a useful thing, and doesn't hurt anyone who never used it. If anything, you could ask to rename it to "search from the beginning", but not to remove it.

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IDEA tells you "press F3 to search from the top"
in that case - which is much easier then to
check "entire scope" in the search dialog.


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