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Back when I used to write in C++, I had a plugin for my IDE that would
reduce a ridiculously long message generated while compiling STL code
with a syntax error to the actual error message.

I would love to see something similar for Java and Ant. I was just
compiling and a single bad line generated an error message 821 lines
long. It's a bit of a task to find the actual problem.


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I discovered a way to find the actual problems buried in an ant failure

Click in the build messages window (the one with 800 lines of ant
errors), select all and copy to clipboard. Click the "Show all messages"
button. Again select all the text and this time right click and
choose "Compare with Clipboard". IDEA's diff viewer comes up and you can
jump right to where the problem is.

This seems to indicate that the "Show all messages" button is turning
the interesting stuff on and off, but keeping all the useless crap that
ant spews.

I've been using this all day and it works great. I'm wondering if I can
make a macro to do this and bind it to a key...



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