IntelliJ 7 - Maven integration issues


Just purchased Intellij7, and have been playing around with maven integration.

I have an issue with a certain project:

1) One of the plugins does not appear to have been found (it has a red squigle underline). However, I've checked the name and version in the defined repo, and it's there

2) Running the 'install' command, the build fails.

The big issue is that both of these things work fine when running maven 2 from the command line. What could cause the discrepancy? Here's where it errors:

Generating WIKI documentation file: D:\data\development\projects\tradeblotter\target\xbean\ for namespace: http://com.aboxo/1.0

Generating jbi.xml
Maven Embedder execution error: org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver.ArtifactResolutionResult.setArtifactResolutionNodes(Ljava/util/Set;)V

And here's the equivalent lines when run from the command line:

Generating jbi.xml
Attempting to build MavenProject instance for Artifact of type: jar; constructing POM artifact instead.
Resolved artifact commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.1:compile has a different version from that in dependency management commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.0.4:provided, overriding dependency management
Resolved artifact xml-apis:xml-apis:jar:1.0.b2:compile has a different version from that in dependency management xml-apis:xml-apis:jar:1.3.04:compile, overriding dependency management

Using default encoding to copy filtered resources.

As you can see, where it fails in IntelliJ, it goes on successfully after the 'Generating jbi.xml' part

Interestingly, straight after this is a '[Warning]' - maybe IntelliJ is not handling this properly?


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Re the above, I have sorted out the plugin issue by clicking the 'Download artifacts' button, but why it did not do that automatically I don't know.

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Arghh. I wish there was an 'edit' option on these boards!

What I meant to add was that the mavn build issue still occurs though.

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I've got similar maven2 issues.....

This compiles fine from the command line, however in intellij it blows up. I have clicked the 'download resources' button, but that seems of no help. Any ideas?

Executing with cache-cleanup enabled.
Scanning for projects...

Building FatBastards

Maven Embedder execution error:

No lifecycle phase binding can be found for goal: generateClientBeans,
specified as a part of the execution: default
in plugin: com.totsp.gwt:maven-googlewebtoolkit2-plugin

This plugin could not be resolved, so use of the default lifecycle phase binding
(if there is one) is impossible.

Please ensure that the plugin: com.totsp.gwt:maven-googlewebtoolkit2-plugin can be resolved by Maven,
then try re-running this build with the -U option
(to ensure that all plugin metadata is refreshed).



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