Struts facets - too intelligent for itself

I don't mind the new facets, but the "intelligence" built into them needs to be relaxed, or at least prompt me before modifying my configuration files, and attempting to link in new jar files into my project.

I spent over an entire day debugging something, which turned out to be IntelliJ just adding a bogus configuration item to my struts-config.xml file.

Essentially I have a webapp, it has already been built and works great, but now I want to debug/enhance just select portions of it. I create a new project, and add a single J2EE module to it. After going through those screens, IntelliJ tells me it is a web app, with struts configuration (which is true). At this point everything goes downhill. First it will try to link in, the IntelliJ defined struts library jar files. Even though the web app already has them in the lib folder, so right away I get some conflicts. Next and even worse is that IntelliJ modifies the struts-config.xml file, and adds a bogus Tiles definition, as well as a bogus Messages definition. the Tiles definition isn't so bad, but the Message Resources definition, gets inserted last in the file, and therefore becomes the default resource bundle, which of course does not exists, and of course does not have null="false" and well you get the idea, but I don't have a single clue what is wrong, and it took me quite a while and some deep debugging in pre-compiled classes to try and figure it out.

I like the fact that IntelliJ wants to help people create projects by facilitating the process, however if the project is being created based on existing files, IntelliJ should not punish me. It should detect the facets, and simply ask me if I would like it to modify my files and libraries, and when I choose no (which 99% of the time I'm sure people will choose no on existing projects), it just enables the functionality and does not modify anything.

So given I've lost over a day of productivity because of this tool, should I get a partial refund on the purchase price for my time wasted?

-- Signed "a much happier customer before Facets tried to dumb down the product; but still wants the new speed improvements"

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If you open a feature request I will vote for it.

I too have had problems with intelliJ modifying existing deployment descriptors/config files when they already work just fine.

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Please file a bug at and describe the necessary steps to reproduce this problem, a small sample project would also help.




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