Do I have to reconfigure all module settings after a Maven synchro?

Hi, I have a question regarding Maven in 7.0:

Is it not possible to just update the dependencies of a module instead of having to synchronize the whole project?

It is very inconvenient because all module settings are lost, like module group information or all manually added module dependencies. After every maven synchro, you have to readjust all settings manually.

As far as I could find out, manually adding module dependencies to an existing maven module is necessary since IntelliJ does not automatically resolve intermodule dependencies and hence does not link the source code.

Why isn't it simply possible to do e.g. a right click on pom.xml in the project pane und select an "update maven project"? I think the maven reloaded plugin (or a similar name) in 6.0 was quite good at this.

Importing the maven project every time IntelliJ starts leads to the same inconvenient procedure of having to readjust all settings again since custom module info is not saved neither.

Thank you!



i have the same issue.

Especially in the starting phase of a project, there are many changes of the pom dependencies. We have a very special setup with multiple source folders (MDD, generated classes) and a custom WebApp Structure (also with generated content). This all work well with maven, and also with IDEA but when the project dependencies are updated all project settings are broken, so I have to reconfigure this at any time. That are just some minutes but it worries me much.

I would suggest, that the project settings (except dependencies) are only touched at project setup and when the developer explicit want's to.
You can do many things with maven with plugins to set up a very custom environment. If you want to track all these settings, that would be great, it could be a hard job, maybe impossible... ;)

I would be very glad, when IDEA would'nt touch my project settings on dependency-synchronization.

Thank you :)



Are you guys referring to the situation for instance, when you add a new dependency in the pom.xml and IDEA 7 doesn't sync it's classpath automatically and the only way to sync up IDEA's classpath is to click on the Maven's "Synchronize with Maven projects" button (Which is turns causes all the modules in the project to sync--By the way is a real performance hit if you have a lot of modules)?




Exactly - I am referring to that "feature".


yes, exactly.

my assumption is, that the maven plugin simply calls "mvn idea:module" what causes in the rewrite of the .iml-file and lose of al manual changes...



Hey guys, I have figured out away around this. When you first create a maven based project you must select "Create regular IntelliJ IDEA modules (will require manual synchronization with Maven projects)". This will keep any changes you made to your project modules. Make sure you change your "Maven settings" or "Default Maven settings" to this too. Also IDEA 7.0.2 fixed up some issues with associating your modules with Maven dependencies so it is worth the download!


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