IDEA 7.0 Newbie Question...Web Development Tutorial? Auto-deploy?

Hello All,
I am eagerly hoping to adopt IDEA 7.0 in my eclipse shop. However, the documentation that's presently up doesn't cover 7.0 (I've confirmed this with support).

Is there a tutorial somewhere on developing web applications with tomcat on IDEA 7.0?

Also, I had a simple question that a basic tutorial would probably cover, but how do I auto-deploy changes in 7.0?

I have a maven2 project. I've configured the run dialog and am able to launch/debug my application (standard JSF war) in tomcat. If I change a class, JSP, CSS file. Is there a way to have it automatically deploy to the server the way Eclipse WTP does? It's very time-consuming to wait for a large application to redeploy just to see small changes in clusters of JavaScript or CSS files. Surely there's a way to have it automatically publish incremental changes on save.

Thanks in Advance,

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