cannot debug resin

I am trying to debug my web app using remote debugging to resin. I run resin with the shared memory or socket option. Then debug it with the appropriate setting. It never is able to break at the breakpoint - my colleagues use v 6 of intellij and say that it works fine - I do not want to downgrade to v6 - can anyone advise what is the cause of the problem? I am able to debug tomcat without any problems (for that I am using a tomcat debug configuration and not a resin config)

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I have debugged Resin 3.0.23 remotely using 7.0
using the default settings (Socket, Attach).
When you migrated to 7 did the
'generate debugging info' option stay checked
in the project compiler settings ?

Also make sure the jar/.class files deployed to the server
match those IntelliJ is running against.



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