Spring annotations?

Does IDEA7's Spring facet support configuring Spring with annotations (introduced in 2.5, e.g. will it still graph Spring bean connections, will it still provide Spring bean navigation icons)? If not, is there an ETA for this support?

This factors into a team decision on upgrading to 2.5

Thank you

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IDEA 7.0 was released before Spring 2.5, and (at the moment) does not support annotation-driven configuration.

There's no specific issue for support of the 'component-scan' element, although I think you could vote/comment for (and add yourself as watcher) here:

Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on the new annotation-driven configuration?

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We haven't tried it yet because tool support is a factor in our decision to upgrade (being able to easily see the connections between wired beans in the IDE). We hope that JetBrains will make this a priority for a future dot release (instead of waiting for v8).


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