Checkout from SVN with overwrite

I first created an Intellij web project and the application works fine.
Now I want to associate one of the directories in the project hierarchy with SVN.
Basically I want to overwrite the contents of directory from SVN.

Whenever I checkout from SVN for that particular directory, Intellij says that it canot checkout since another file with same name already exists. It does not give me the option asking me whether to overwrite or not. It simply stops there.

Could you please let me know how to confiture intellij so that it will overwrite the existing files instead of terminating the checkout.


THis also happens with TortoiseSVN, so it's probably subversion related, not IDEA related.

I've just tested the following
create a folder c:\temp\test\trunk
try to checkout
to c:\temp\test

Tortoise gives a warning that the folder c:\temp\test is not empty, but allows you to continue ... until it tries to create a trunk folder (as there is one in the svn repo), and then fails


I am attaching a screenshot from eclipse, how it prompts me, that it will overwrite the stuff from repository.

Please see the attached image file.

Sometimes I think, why I am wasting my time...I can as well work with eclipse, but I have an old love for IDEA and I would see how it goes...


probably would have been better to attach screenshot in jpg format than that old bmp ! :)


I use windows and paint has that format as default. Do you find problem opening it?


no, but the very same image in jpeg format is about 20 times smaller (45KB instead of 960KB).


Back to the subject, i've also tried with the command line reference svn client, it also refuses to checkout if that would overwrite folders.

here is the output

C:\temp>svn co test
svn: Failed to add directory 'test\trunk': object of the same name already exists

So, as for a recent cvs related post, it seems Eclipse does things differently than the "standard" :)


Intellij, please do the same thing as eclipse. (one more JIRA request.. may be after thankgiving....)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,


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