svn branches: what branch?

Hi there,

How is one supposed to figure out what subversion branch some code is coming
from? I remember this being discussed several times, but I don't remember
how it was implemented. And I don't seem to be able to, hard as I tried,
figure out how to make that piece of information visible somewhere on the
UI (all I see is the local path, which tells me nothing about the svn location).


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Man you speak my soul. Exactly my problem.

My workarounds right now:

1) Invoke the Update file dialog, it shows the repository path. I know it's clumsy.

2) Alt+F9, Local tab. If you have any files, which are not on the same repository path as the project root there is a item called something like "Switched files" which tells you which branch they are coming from.

I am not sure how reliable are this suggestions though. I would really appreciate it myself if the file branch/tag was visible somewhere. I guess it is one of the biggest flaws of SVN vs. CVS. SVN does not have real tags or branches, only virtual mockups realized by different repository paths.

I have more problems with that SVN concept. E.g. merging/switching files to different branch requires stupid browsing through the whole repository tree to select the branch. Or you have to edit the path manually. You can't type branch/tag name directly anywhere like with CVS. I hate it.


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