lobbying for request SCR: method declaration template (as in eclipse)


Any time I have a new method declared (either abstarct or with body)
internal rules here dictate that I add some javadox to it.

I tend to do that mundane task at the end of a session, so that I do not
lose momentum. To keep track of all places to amend, I have the file
templates for method bodies include my own TODO tag.

This leaves out the abstract methods - whcioh are the really important
ones to javadoc IMO.
Is it possible to get a template for method declarations ?

BTW, in my case it should include a banner as well ... eclipse allows
for this and understand the banner is part of the method, so it knows to
move the banner alongside the method when performing a move method
refactoring !!!


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Are you aware that you can Inspect Code for missing or incorrect javadoc? This might solve your problem (though does not really address your broader request).


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