Changes tool window shows nothing on repository/incoming tabs

This is for IntelliJ 7.0.1. I am experiencing a problem with the Changes tool window where nothing will show up in the Repository or Incoming tabs, even when there are incoming changes from my SVN repository. I hit the Refresh button and get the refresh setting, hit OK, and see a message at the bottom very briefly "2 processes running.." on the status bar, but that disappears and nothing shows up in the window. This is strange because all of the SVN commands work fine otherwise.

I have already contacted IntelliJ support and they could not find anything wrong with my SVN settings. The developer of the feature has not gotten back to me.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there anything else I could try? This is relatively frustrating because I no longer have any way to see incoming changes in IntelliJ as far as I can tell--I'm assuming the Changes tool window has taken the place of the old "Check Directory Status" SVN feature from IntelliJ 6.


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Ok, I finally figured this one out. In my Version Control settings, IntelliJ had automatically setup a directory, to which I added my two folders which were actually setup under SVN. I set all 3 to Subversion, but technically the folder should not have been there in the first place. So I'm assuming IntelliJ failed on the , then ignored the other two. I fixed this by removing ]]> from list. I guess it boils down to my fault but it certainly would have been nice if the application had given me an actual error instead of doing nothing on the Repository and Incoming tabs.


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