AreintelliJ projeccts in different Frames in the same VM or different VMs?

So I am on XP64 and I have four little idea squares at the bottom of my scren indicating 4 different intelliJ frames running 4 different projects. Is each on in its own VM? Does anyone know?


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They are in the same VM.

With idea 6 you would get this specific message 'you can only run 1 instance at a time' when you would try to open an other ipr. From within the OS. (I just found out that this is solved in idea 7 ... :)

btw: as a sort of a check: open a settings screen (=modal) and see that the other project frame won't respond.


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yes I get that message if I try to run two different releases of IntelliJ. If I try to run another instance of 7, it just gives focus to the one I have open and does nothing else.

I also notice I have one intellij process and one java process reported on my machine, so more confirmatory evidence there.


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