Running out of space on "Window Bar"


Sorry I do not know official name for this "bar" we use to switch between
windows (project, structure, ant etc) but I was wondering if it would be
possible to allow to close any window not just "messages", "run" etc, so it
is removed from the toolbar. The reason is that available space on the
windowbar is rather limited (I prefer to use only left screen area for the
window bar to save screen real-estate) so why have things I do not use at
the moment (or at all like commander) on it. I wish I could close windows I
do not need the way I close "messages" so they go away from the windowbar
till need them again. If I need to open a window which does not have an
entry on my windowbar I would be happy to open some sort of window list and
open it from there. With more and more windows in IDEA I miss this feature
very much

What do you think?

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