J2EE facet, Maven Integration, application.xml

I have a multi-module project, defined with maven pom.xml files.

When I build it using maven, it's properly constructed, with a generated application.xml file containing the expected context-root for the web module.

When I open the project, I always lose the J2EE facet configuration for deployment on JBoss. Furthermore, it looks like I need to have a manually created and locally stored application.xml file (which I then need to ensure stays synchronized with the maven generated goal).

Is this a missing feature in IntelliJ-maven integration? Did I miss something?

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Hi, do you re-import the maven project everytime you open it? If so, all configurations seem to be lost...
See another question here:

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Yes. And also, from time to time, we add a dependency, to a new jar or module, so we have to synchronize the modules with the maven projects, and then we lose the configuration too.

And my question basically boils down to your issue, in fact. I hope this will be fixed soon (up to now, this has been the only real issue I have with Idea7)


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