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Still wrestling with IDEA 7.0 (7.0.1) this morning. Tried creating a Scope for the UI code in our multi module project. But when I create a new scope the package listing is incomplete. I'm missing maybe as much as 40% of the projects packages from the production classes tree. It's defiantly picking up several modules but a couple of modules are missing in there entirety. Is there some trick to creating a Scope I'm missing here? Side effect of migrating a IDEA 6.0 project?

- Richard

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Hmmm if I turn on modules in the scopes view I can see the missing modules and the files at the top level, but the src and test directories are missing? they are present and annotated as such if I switch to the module settings - only one context root so that's not the issue.

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Still had no luck getting this to work. One thing I've noticed about the missing packages is that its packages (com.domain.product.ui.) are a sub-package to code in another (depends on) module (com.domain.product.). Will that confuse things?

Hmmm in fact I think some of our modules redefine the same package. I mean different classes, but the package also happens to exist in other modules. But then following the domain.product convention that's not so uncommon?

..Hoping your not using a Map/Set for the package names?

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Richard Osbaldeston

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Similar to your case, I was missing sub modules in the scopes definition dialog also.

In my case the reason for this was, that there were no files at all beneath in the sub modules yet.

As soon as I've added some dummy files into the sub module directory structure, the whole sub module structure appeared in the dialog an I was able to perform the button "Include recursivly" and the file filtering pattern was complete finally for this scope.


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