GWT Compile/Browse results don't stick around after restart

When I start a GWT app in idea and then click "Compile/Browse", I'm able to use the application from a browser.

If I then stop and restart the application and then hit refresh in the browser, it shows a blank page.

I understand that any changes I make to client side code will not show up in the browser until I hit Compile/Browse again. But, I should be able to debug server side code without having to hit Compile/Browse after ever application restart.

This is a major time sink. Client side code runs far slower in the development shell than it does in a browser. There's a good reason for this (GWT is translating from java to javascript on the fly), but it saves me gobs and gobs of time to not have to use the development shell when debugging server side code.

Is there a setting in intellij to make it stop clearing out the directory where the compiled javascript code is put? (I know that it's possible to do this because I did this all the time when debugging GWT apps in eclipse, although I may have used a batch file to run it from the command line there.)

If necessary I'll just write a batch file that runs gwt compile from the command line and puts the files into a separate directory. But, it'd be nice to work within the system if possible.

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