Inter-module dependencies recognition


Again I'm having troubles with maven 2 integration : IntelliJ does not seem to recognize properly inter-module dependencies. My project looks like this :

project/pom.xml : parent POM, specifing version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT and modules moduleCore and moduleWeb.
project/moduleCore/pom.xml : child core module
project/moduleWeb/pom.xml : child web module, dependency on moduleCore version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

The problem is that when IJ loads the project, it downloads the core-4.0.0-SNAPSHOT jar from my internal repository instead of specifying a module dependency. I must remove the jar from the web dependency list and replace it with a module dependency on the core.

I am missing something ?

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More info : setting the dependency on the module does not fix all problems : although it does help IJ for editing (syntax highlighting and so on), the jar still gets bundled when running a Tomcat configuration. Therefore, although the sources are correct, a wrong jar gets bundled at runtime.

BTW, Maven compiles fine, so it really seems to be a IJ problem.


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