Unresolved path variable

Idea 7.0 on Windows XP.
I created my project with Idea 7M2, and defined path variable MYPATH
(prefix to some library folder).
During installation of the final version of Idea 7 I cleared all my
settings from 7M2.
During opening the project in ver. 7 I got a warning that MYPATH is not
defined (as expected), so I defined the variable.
However, compilation of the project failed: MYPATH wasn't expanded.
Libraries, which use MYPATH were in red, and contained $MYPATH$ instead
of expanded path.
I found simple solution to that: closed Idea and reopened project again.
Now MYPATH is correctly expanded.
Seems like a minor issue. However if somebody else will checkout my
project from VCS, he will face the same problem, even if he didn't
install 7M2 before.
Could you fix it in the next minor release?


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