Problems with subversion!

Hi there!
I have probkems with adding my projects into svn.
Lets say I have a Idea project whitch is not under version control. I've copied it into my local repository and done "svn add project".
After opening and configuring svn in Idea and manually addind all unversioned files in Changes pannel in Idea I receive an error:
+Error adding files:
svn: "D:\" is not under version control.+

When I open the same project and copy it to svn and than check it out back to my local repository (everything done using Idea) everithing is okay.

I can't figure out whats wrong!
Any ideas?
Please help! I don't have a lot of expirience using both Idea and svn, and I'm really stuck!
Thanks in advance!

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Interestingly we just discussed that here:

Short version: "svn add" does not turn the local files into a svn working copy.
It just adds the files to the remote repository.
Common way to get a project into version control is to add it from some other location, then check out into local working copy.

Idea has a "share" feature that you can use to to get a project into the repository and immediately have it available as a working copy.

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Vilen Dank fuer den Link! =)
Ich glaube, dass das mir helfen wird =)

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