Passing VM parameters when starting tomcat

Hello folks,
When starting Tomcat through IDEA, I am trying to pass a parameter
to the SOAPConnectionFactory to specify what impl to use, but it doesn't seem to pick the parameter up.
I'm using the default way to start tomcat (bootstrap start) on IDEA 6.0.5.
Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?

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Hi Nilesh, is the D instead of a -D a typo? I also don't know about the quotes, but it might be worth trying to remove them.

As an alternative, you could create a simple test case in which you specify a parameter yourself (eg. -Dtest=hello), and use the System.getProperties() method to see if this property is passed to your application.

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Thanks for the reply. the D was a typo. i'm using -D..
Also tried removing the quotes. didn't help.
What irks me is that this works in Eclipse, and i'm trying to stay away from eclipse (different topic altogether)...


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