How to remove an entry from the "Recent Files" list

I keep my maximum number of open tabs low (as Idea seems to reccomend) and use CTRL-E to get at recent files that have been bumped out of the tabs. However, I often finish with a file that I am looking at and know with certainty I will have no interest in looking at that file again in the near future. In this case I would like to be able to close its tab in such a way that it is removed from the Recent Files list as well. For me this would be at least (if not more so) as often as my need to simply close a tab. Is there any way to do this currently? (Like CTRL-ALT-F4 or something...)

In the same vein I would also like files closed in this fashion to also be removed from my CTRL-ALT-LEFT/RIGHT history. Currently page history is virtually useless to me because of the useless files that get in the way.

Also, is there any way to traverse the history that does not include cursor movement? I often want to toggle between two files via the history (since Idea does not offer a split screen mode on two different files) but usually useless cursor movement clutter keeps this from being a useful habit.

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With Del Key, I can remove a entry from the list. After closing the window and returning to the list, the entries of "Changed only" are reapearing (I guess the file timestamp is triggering this, no way to remove from the list). The 2nd list, the one with "Not changed only" is stable, clearing impacts the list after closing and reopening.


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