sorry for asking so many questions

Hey guys,

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I am looking at abandoning eclipse and using intellij idea instead. I hate eclipse, I hated from the very beginning. I think it is a bloated program where every setting takes hours to find.

I am coming from Jbuilder 2006, and you can imagine I was very disappointed when I found out jbuilder 2007 is built on eclipse.

Intellij idea seems to be closer to jbuilder 2006 and I like it, it has a very nice user interface, but it takes a bit of time until I customize it to my like. For instance, I think it would be nice if it provided a dark background color scheme (JBuilder came with two dark background schemes).

I also want to dock some of the windows differently, for instance the structure view underneath the project, but I haven't been able to do it.

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Hi Cbasil,

It's great you're abandoning Eclipse in favour of IntelliJ ;).

To answer your question about the structur view underneath the project, it's quite easy. You should not use the structure view (alt+7), but instead use the "Show Structure" button in the project tab (7th icon from the left). This will place the structure view underneath the project.



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