7.0 M2 (Build 7126) Doesn't recognize Tiles Defintions

I am using Build 7126 and in my struts config file all my tiles definitions are red and I can't jump to them. Everything else seem to work fine and by that I mean I can jump from JSP's to struts action definitions, I can jump from struts action defintions to Java classes they reference, and I can jump from tile definition files to JSPs they reference. Struts Assistant also sees all of my struts actions.

I have a web module setup for this project, it is setup like this


In the web module I have the Web Resource directory set to:


With "/" set as Path Relative to Deployment Root.

My struts config files and tile definition files are in the WEB-INF directory (I have multiple struts and tile config files).

I had this all working great with 6.0.x a while back (been a while since I have actually worked on this project so I am not sure which version it actually broke on). So I am not sure if it is a problem with build 7126 or something I have setup wrong.

Any ideas?

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Well I have no idea what I did (I don't recall making any changes to my settings) but I can now jump from my struts action declarations to my tiles definition...weird...


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