how to change "java" vm on run?

I am working in a scenario where I use a VPN to connect to a network but this VPN forces me to run executables that have a certain name pattern if they need access through the VPN.

For example to run IDEA so I can connect to VNP'd resources (databases) I renamed "idea.exe" to "vpn-idea.exe"

In ant I was able to use the "jvm" attribute on java tasks (along with fork) to accomplish the same thing (jvm="vpn-java").

The only thing I can't do is run/debug java (or run junit tests) from within IDEA as there does not appear to be any way to specify the name of the executable to use to run java.

Is there a hidden feature somewhere that I can specify a name other than "java" on my run configurations? Can I edit an xml file somewhere (jdk.table.xml?) and specify the name of the jvm to use?

I need to specify to IDEA somehow to run something other than java.exe when it forks of processes.

Thanks for your help.

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configuring the JVM at this level is not possible


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