CVS keyword substitution on Add

In 833 when you add a file to CVS it displayes a dialog box where you can
specify the keyword substitution value. The parameter defaults to -o which
means that no keywords (such as $Revision$) are expanded. If you select a
different option the next time the dialog is displayed the -o option is
still the default. In other words it does not remember the last selected

You can also indicate that this dialog box is not displayed in the future
and then when other files are added the -o option is used.

Is there a way to specify what the default option will be.

Andrew Edgar

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I'd like to be able to have idea remeber this according to file types... eg. jar files get added with -o but .java files get added with keyword expansion. Of course, it would be good to see IDEA come with some IntelliJent default options for the most common file types.


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