Has CVS core been updated now?

I posted a while back (while using 813) because I couldn't get CVS working properly with Putty. The CVS core was about to be replaced, so I thought I'd wait and try again. So now (using 833) I still can't get it to work, but I do get slightly different information.

I have the following setup:
Path to external rsh: C:\Program Files\Putty\plink.exe
Path to private key: H:\ssh-keys\putty.private

And when I go to Tools | Check Out Project, I select my repository. It looks like this:

The connection tests fine, but when I select the repository from the list, I get one of two responses:

If Pageant is not running:
"Cannot load items (Unhandled response: Passphrase)"

...which seems reasonable, but

If Pageant is running:
"Cannot load items (Valid requests expected!)"

...and this is where I'm a bit stuck. Is anyone else using a similar configuration and getting this to work?


Marty Andrews

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I used pagent to load the key. It works fine.

However, I'm not too sure if one should still be using pagent. Is the option "Path to password file" applicable for cvs/ssh? If it is, what's the format of it?

Would IDEA be able to do something like what pagent has does? Prompt for the password the first time it's used, and remember it throughout the session until it got restarted?



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