WebLogic 10 support in the current build

Yesterday I tried the new build, I have been able to start the server from inside idea but not to deploy a facet, for an authorization issue: I then messed up a bit with usernames and passwords and now... I can't start the server anymore.

This is probably my fault, but what is unclear to me is: what kind of weblogic-specific support must I expect from IDEA?
I never used it (I used to deploy on tomcat and websphere): reading around it seems that one could expect some kind of visual or assisted deployment descriptor editor, is it true? If so: where is it? Will this be integrated in multiple tabs alongside the xml-source one as for web.xml descriptors?

Also: has anyone thought about how one can use the "split development" approach with idea?

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I can't get the frigging server to start with IDEA. Running it from a cmd command line works fine, I launch the startWebLogic.cmd and when asked to type username and password I use the default (weblogic/weblogic): the server starts ok.

But when I launch it from IDEA, first of all the ide does not type the username when asked (I have to): after typing the username and pressing "enter" it seems idea types the password, but something goes wrong, because the startup authentication fails.

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