debugger at comments and blank lines, skipping executable code

Hi All,

I am getting this problem since I have started debugging my enterprise application on weblogic 8.1. I am using Idea 6.0.5.

My ear file is created and deployed by ant script. While developing I have marked my webtier to be dependent on businesstier and the deployment creates a jar file of businesstier classes into the web-inf\lib of webtier. This creation is temporary as far as the final ear goes, i.e. this jar won't be present in web-inf\lib of war of the web tier...but the jar remains in the web-inf\lib of the project

Similar action takes place to another module which never goes to the final ear 'coz it's an ejb testing module.
The project uses a copy of weblogic.jar which is placed in its one of its lib folder..this jar is not eventually packed in the ear or war and is used merely for compiling project code which depends on it..

While debugging I observe that the debugger stops at the comments and blank lines too, and skips stopping at obvious (next) statements. Thus little trust on the debugger if it's going ok. Also in the frame of the debug tool window i see a red circle with an exclamation mark beside the current running method section...pointing to some error. On viewing this I come to know that 'weblogic.kerner.Default' thread executes code from the projects's weblogic.jar. When I pointed my classpath (in the ant script) to weblogic/server/weblogic.jar, the problem still persists.

I am attaching the screen shot to make it clear what i am trying to get to.

None of my break-points say that the 'code has been changed'.

A help to rectify this would be appreciated.


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