JSP error highlighting in Project Window


1) I just tried (for some hours!) to figure out why my .JSP's are not highlighted in the Project Window if erroneous the way .JAVA Files are (see http://www.twyn.com/test/inteli.gif)?

2) The second question is why only the error inside the .JAVA File is displayed after a full rebuild down in the Message Window?

3) And the last one (rather a suggestion): the JSP validation seems to have problems with multiple "page import statements" as seen in my gif. I had to put some of them together (comma separated) in order to make "..can't resolve symbol XYZ..." errors disappear. Furthermore these errors were not recognized in the Message Window during validation. They only showed up inside the JSP-Editor.

Any ideas on 1 and 2? I'm trying to get rid of eclipse so any help would be highly appreciated (using v. 6.0.5 in evaluation mode)!


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On #1, you might want to file a feature request for this. I don't IDEA has that functionality presently. Go here and select IDEA:Feedback for the project.

#2 is just compiler based errors in the bottom window. The inspections shown in the editor itself are independent and separately controllable from compiler errors.

#3 - your first part might be a bug - file a bug report on that. On the second part, again, only Java compilation errors show up there.

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I can't believe IDEA is not able to handle #1 - this is a rather basic thing... and it seems irrational to me that they made it work with JAVA but not with JSPs. However - you might be right of course...

Thanks for the Information and the advice!


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