OpenAPI .runWriteAction() broken in 823?

I'm using my IDEAmacs all the time, but when I try it in 825, I'm getting a lot of problems.

It would appear that the code that goes inside the .runWriteAction() is not recognised as a change to the buffer. The result is that undo operations get completely screwed up, and the Local VCS don't see these changes at all! As you can understand this causes no end of problems.

The code for the offending action is here:

Is this a bug in 825 or the plugin code?


Sorry for replying to my own post, but I have to apologise for posting in this forum instead of the bug reports forum. I won't re-port these though, because if there is anything worse than posting in the wrong place, it's double-posting.

I still would love to know if anyone has seen the same problem though.


I had tried ideamacs before, esp. for the KillToEndOfLine, but it was acting very wierd in 816 and 818, and so I stopped using it.

When I created the HungryBackSpace and AutoNewline plugins, I extended my editor actions from EditorAction instead of AnAction. If you do that, you don't have to wrap them in CommandProcessor.getInstance().executeCommand( new Runnable() {...}); and you don't have to use application.runWriteAction( new Runnable() {...});

Try it, it might fix the problem, and it also reduces your code size.



Thanks a lot! I'll try it right away.


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