EAP: Where Did Multiple Output Paths Go?

I may well be wrong (apologies if so!) but in the latest EAP (823)
there doesn't appear to be any support for "Multiple Output Paths".
This limitation is actually stopping me really trying out the EAP
as we need this feature (we have multiple modules which must be
compiled separately into separate "build" directories).

Will this feature return? I truly hope so - it not it would mean we
could no longer use IDEA in our setup (I may have to turn to Eclipse
and buy lots more memory and a faster processor :)).




Name - Richard Kent (TicH)
EMail - tichkent@blueyonder.co.uk
WWW - http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~richardk

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The feature got lost in the new project implementation.

Will this feature return?

Yes, JetBrains have already said it will be back.


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