How to navigate to methods in Super-Classes


Guess this is the wrong place, but didn't find a better one: In IDEA I miss a very little feature, but it drives me crazy as I yet not found a convenient way to workaround it. I looked through all available plugins hoping somebody has already stumbled over the same issue, but no luck today.

Is there any way to view, filter and navigate to methods implemented in in the current class and it super classes? I guess this is really simple feature but extremely helpful if you want to navigate to a method in a super-class without having to find the implementing class first..

So what I'm looking for is Ctrl-F12 enhanced with the data of the superclasses like Ctrl-O. Simple, isn't it?
In Eclipse you can do this pressing Strg-O twice, as far as I can remember.

Any hints how I can get happy :) ?

- Benjamin


It is probably not entirely what you want, but have you tried the Structure tool window? It has a button to also show inherited members.



Thanks for the hint.
Indeed with autoscrolling turned of this improves my situation.

Any hints where to file this feature request to JetBrain?


You can file them into the IDEA feedbak JIRA project here:
A free login is needed for that.



This is a very old request - it even was migrated from JetBrains previous IssueTracker:

Feel free to add your vote/comment there.

Somehow I can't get used to the non-popup structure view.
I even sometimes type this.<ctrl-space> to get a list of members.


So do I and I don't get why so few people complaining.

I already posted a new issue under "feedback" at . Feel free to vote there, too. Thanks.


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