Customize scroll bar opacity or color?

I can't find a setting to customize the scrollbar color, opacity, or whether it is in the foreground / background. I did a search, but if it is available, it doesn't seem to be called "scroll bar." Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you.


Thanks again - again I will try to put my vote in for this option. I can barely see otherwise I wouldn't care. It might be a problem for TN displays, especially with the Darcula theme. It's also gone to the background behind the color bars indicating there is an issue on a line (TO DO, error, etc) so if you have a lot of these, the scroll bar can be nearly completely masked.


Yes, this has been bugging me as well.  The scroll bar is nearly invisible and very difficult to find.  I primarily use the mouse wheel for up and down scrolling, but to scroll horizontally I use the bottom scrollbar, and it is very difficult to locate it.


Take a look at the Material Theme UI EAP. It has an option to remove the transparency of the scrollbar under Settings->Appearance & Behavior->Material Theme->Transparent Scrollbars.

This used to bother me so much and the Material Theme saved the day. I also genuinely enjoy the theme, but that's just a plus.



You can go in Settings -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> General and then for each parameter you have the "Error stripe mark" option which specifies the color in the scroll bar.


Arseniy Nisnevich's comment: worked for me.  Please consider voting for that and related issues.


Thanks Max! You saved my life. 


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