Remote Host Directories Not Being Listed in phpStorm 10.0.3

On my Mac OS 10.11.2 the new version of phpStorm 10.0.3 does not list the remote FTP directories. It connects to remote host OK, it just doesn't list the directories.

I've recreated the connections with no better results. I don't have any filters on.

How do I go about fixing this?

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Hi there,

It could be firewall issue (try with firewall off).

Also try switching between Active/Passive FTP modes (the most common reason in such "no directory listing" cases).

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Hi Andrly,

Thanks for your reply and the solution too.

Indeed switching to 'passive mode' solved this issue and I can now see the directories listed in the remote host window.

I much appreciate you help today.

Thanks again!


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Changed the topic to include [Solved] in the subject line.

See Andriy's post for the solution.


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