How to monitor http request/response from WebStorm debugging mode ?

Is it possible to monitor the http request/response from webstorm?something like the Network tab at Chrome Developer Tools.
I have to switch to chrome developer tool if i need to know the request/response, when i switch, the debugging connection from webstorm will be broken....

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in order to benefit others,  I would like to report back what I'm using now..    I'm using Fiddler Web Debugger to capture the http traffic. I configured the Fiddler Web Debugger to listen on particular port,(for example, 8888), and then config chrome in webstorm to use the port, for example. --proxy-server=http=;https=

now I can use webstorm for debugging, and check the request,response from Fiddler.


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@Ted, thanks for describing this workaround. JS debugger is partly useless lacking this feature at the moment.


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