[10.0.2] PHPstorm does not break on xdebug requests

Since the upgrade to 10.0.2 PHPstorm stopped responding to the xdebug Requests from my Puphpet Vagrant server.
Downgrading PHPstorm fixed the problem. This is the second time I had this, the exact same happened going from 9.0.1 to 9.0.2. Why keep your "bugfix" updates breaking my setup?


Same problem here.  Can't debug anymore since updating today.  


Hi there,

Check your firewall maybe. New version gets installed into new location (e.g. on Windows) or has different signature (e.g. on Mac) so it's treated as different app and firewall may block incoming debug requests.

Other than that:
1) See what PhpStorm thinks about debugger settings (Validate Debugger Configuration screen)
2) Please provide your xdebug log for such unsuccessful debug session.
3) Try debugging simple script (few lines of simple code) in brand new project (in case if settings for the current project somehow went wrong)


Hi Andriy, thanks for replying.  I use a Macbook Pro and the firewall is already turned off.

I created a brand new project with a simple script and was able to successfully debug that!

I re-opened my original project and tried debugging again but it still doesn't work.  The Validate Debugger Configuration tool says:  Failed to execute validation script: 'Could not connect to HTTP server on "test.local".'

Both my original project and the brand new test project are served by Apache from my laptop locally (no VM or anything).  Their folders live side by side.

What could be wrong?


Are you able to serve that project via your "test.local" domain? Please check your Apache's access/error logs and see what URL was requested.

I'm not a Mac user and do not know the nuances and typical Mac-specific issues that may happen here.

If anything -- you can always delete project settings and reconfigure it from scratch:

  • close project in IDE
  • go to your project folder
  • backup and delete .idea subfolder
  • use "File | Open" or just "Open" from Welcome screen and point to that project folder
  • IDE will create new project at that location using existing files
  • NOTE: some of the settings files can be copied from backup into new project (when it's closed in IDE, of course),like custom dictionary and other standalone config files that have no relation to running/debugging (but better to do this only after you confirm that debugging works)

Apologies for the delay - I was on vacation :)

Yes, I can access the test.local domain in my browser.  Serving the site locally is not a problem.

I followed your instructions and deleted the .idea subfolder.  I reopened the site in PHPStorm and still cannot debug the site.

I think I'm going to try and revert to a previous version of PHPStorm as I really need to be able to debug.

Thank you for your help so far.  Any last suggestions?


Aaaaand it looks like I stumbled across the answer.  Here's the error that repeatedly appeared in my remote debug log file each time I tried to establish a new debug session (i.e. refreshed my the page in my browser):

Log opened at 2016-01-04 21:10:16 I: Checking remote connect back address. I: Remote address found, connecting to ::1:9000. E: Time-out connecting to client. :-( Log closed at 2016-01-04 21:10:17

I completely over-looked the problem but it's right there staring at me.  Can you see it?

It's trying to connect to localhost but using the IPv6 loopback address "::1".  THAT appears to be enough to stop PHPStorm from ever seeing the connection attempt.  Why it is a problem is above my paygrade.

It was easy enough tio fix by going into my local hosts file and making sure the IPv6 loopback address didn't occur after the IPv4 one.  

In other words, in my /etc/hosts file I made sure this:

::1        localhost

happens before this:  localhost

Problem solved!  Thank you for your help along the way!


I did not have time to test with 10.0.2 any further, but did try the update to 10.0.3 today. That solved the problem, or did not cause it anyway. Not sure if it was in the way I updated, or a fixed bug, but I'm glad to be up to date again with a working debugger.

Thanks for your attention.


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