Square Brackets doesn't work anymore

Suddenly my square brackets don't work anymore (alt+8/9 German Keyboard), everything else is as normal.
What crazy key combination did I hit this time and change a setting, anybody knows?

I'm updated to Phpstorm 10.*, German keyboard, lang setting for keyboard is correct, all other keys are fine.
I'm editing a .js file. In search fields and so on, the brackets work. In the editor window not.



I had the same problem with a german keyboard layout.
After using this workaround the brackets work again but then i could not use numpad shortcuts for commenting anymore.
I have now moved the comment shortcut to a different keystroke, because the normal comment keystroke does not work with german layout at all.
Is there a real solution to this multiple bugs in sight?


I had exactly the same problem (German keyboard) and suddenly could neither type curlies nor square brackets anymore. I didn't try the above workaround but instead switched to English keyboard layout and then BACK to German layout.

Result: magically square brackest and curly braces work again and I still have my German keyboard layout.

I have no solution for the comment shortcut though, which just doesn't work with me.


PyCharm 2019.1. Same problem on my German keyboard.

All keys that use AltGr do not work anymore. The CTRL+ALT workaround for AltGr is also failing.

Symbols i cannot use are for example:  @ { [ ] } \ ~


Does the workaround from the link above work for you either?


Same problem in my TR QWERTY keyboard. Can't make square brackets and curly braces. Alt GR lost it's function after 2019.1


@Vasily No, workaround above no longer works. But the last one comment here yes: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206602575-Keybinding-problems


Since the 2019.01 Update i can't make square brackets and curly braces, too :(


German Keyboard Layout


Same here. Using a Swedish keyboard layout.



same with belgian keyboard


Here's a solution.

System: Windows 10 Version 1809 PyCharm Community 2019.1, German Keyboard Layout

Close PyCharm. Under C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2018.3\bin (2018.3 because this was an upgrade) open the file idea.properties with admin privileges.

Insert the line    actionSystem.force.alt.gr=true    at the bottom. Save --> Restart PyCharm.

I had problems with saving but my editor (vscode) asked me if it should reopen and save the file as admin. I confirmed and everything worked :-)

Got the solution from this link https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-91975#comment=27-384169 


That solved it, thanks! Would be better if updates doesn't do that though. ;)




This happened to me after installing the TeXiFy plugin, and I guess other plugins can cause it too. Simply navigate to Keymap and search for the key combination that's causing issues (try using the icon next to the search field to find by shorcut). Note that if you have a problematic plugin installed simply resetting the shortcuts may not work.



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