PHPStorm LiveEdit + CSS

Hey all!
Sorry, I have a problem with liveEdit.
JetBrains IDE Support installed and connected, edit HTML - correctly, but edit CSS not working. css include as external file.
How do you think what problem is? Maybe I doing something wrong...
Thank you very much.



I have the latest PHPStorm 10.0.3 EAP 143.1480 and the problem is still there. Will I have to wait for the release version of 10.0.3 or will there be another EAP before that? In either case, is there any indication how long this is likely to be?

Thanks for your help.


It's fixed in 143.1559, fix is not available in your build


Just downloaded todays release (10.0.3 build 143.1770) and the problem is still there. Either I have a different problem or the fault has been reintroduced (again!).

Live edit works fine on HTML and PHP files, updating as soon as the change is made. This also works fine with internal style sheets.

However, a linked style sheet doesn't update when modified at all (not even when manually saved) but any changes to the CSS are only shown after the main HTML/PHP file is modified (or the browser is manually refreshed).

Is anyone else seeing this issue?


Don't know if this works for you but I have always found to get a CSS change noticed I have to refresh the browser page.

Sometimes that works but sometimes I have to do a Ctrl+F5 oh and I also found sometimes necessary to Ctrl+S the CSS file after my edits there.

Not sure if that is still the situation with the new release.


Hi Steven

Yeah, a manual refresh works but the whole point of LiveEdit is to save you having to do that. It was working fine a few months ago :(

Looks like I will be sticking with Gulp browserSync for a while longer yet!


Elena thanks - that is exciting. First time I have seen a bug fix created like that :)

I am TOTALLY in love with phpStorm. I am a comparatively new user and, as such, find many things that I think could be done better (just off the top of my head Right Clicking on an empty space in the tab bar does nothing - would be great if it gave list of recently closed tabs, or certain tools or your favorite radio station (JK)). Where should I put suggestions and, once again, thank you thank you thank you.

Just now I created about 10 classes and failed to notice I was overriding attributes in other classes. Easy to create cl;asses, easy to spot mistakes. Bliss


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