Debugging Coffee Files in Meteor App Project

Hi together,

I tried for hours to get debugging of coffee files working in Webstorm 11 in a Meteor App

a) I created a file watcher which compiles the coffeescript into a .jsmap directory
b) I installed the debug plugin in Chrome
c) I kicked of Run -> Debug of my Meteor App
d) no manual breakpoint on the .coffee file or generated .js files results in a suspend
e) Setting the Debug option - Suspend on error, will stop the program in case he hits a problem somewhere in the code

I did a complete js Meteor Application from scratch (the provided ToDo) example and tried it with js client/server files

a) Client breakpoint are working
b) Server side breakpoint not

Am I missing an instrumental configuration step for the out-of-the-box meteor app projects or is there a "How to enable Coffee script debugging in a Meteor Webstorm Project" (a lot of tutorials are based on non-meteor project Webstorm configurations by defining node.js ports etc.)

- CoffeeScript version 1.10.0
- Webstorm 11.0.2
- OSX 10.11.2

Thx for any help or advise

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What Meteor version do you use?

1. you should not use standard coffeescript compiler (set up as a file watcher, or run in any other way) for Meteor + CoffeeScript; please use Meteor 'coffeescript' package instead. See for details
2. Meteor 1.2 debugging is partially fixed in webStorm 11.0.3. See, for known issues

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Thx for the help.
Actually running Meteor 1.2.1 and installed 11.0.3. Now it works on client,  as well on server side.
Great product !

Thx Felix


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