PhpStorm & Moon tm bundle

Hello fellow php stormers

In my quest to find a better IDE I've installed trial version of PhpStorm on my FreeBSD. So far everything seems fine and dandy however there is one small issue that I would like to sort out. The project my team is working on utilizes a few different languages and one of them is Moonscript (CoffeScript for Lua). I'm trying to get syntax highlighting for Moonscript working via the use of a TextMate Bundle but with no luck so far. I've been following this short howto and even though it works perfectly fine for Ruby highlighting it doesn't do anything with MoonScript. Even when I register the right extension to the "Files supported via TextMate bundles" settings - it doesn't do anything. Furthermore when I register the extension and then close down PhpStorm, then these settings are not remembered.

Any help and/or ideas are appreciated


p.s. I'm using as my textmate bundle

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