indent detection

i have phpstorm 10
when i open new file with tabs, it not convert it to spaces
i disable checkbox in settings -code style-indent detection but still not work
how can i set automatic replace tabs with spaces when open file?

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Hi there,

There is no "automatic replace" from tabs to space or other way around. PhpStorm may only detect what indents are used in the file and if they do not match your current settings it may offer to make such replacements.

But you can always do such replacement manually: "Edt | Convert Indetnts | To Spaces/To Tabs"

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But what mean checkbox "detect and use existing file indents for editing"?
When it checked, phpstorm will use current indents from file, but what about case when it not checked?

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If it checked then IDE will use the same indents as in the file ignoring your actual settings. This means: if you are using Tabs in this file but in your settings you are using Spaces .. then IDE will use Tabs for this file.

If this option is disabled then IDE will always use your current settings.

In any case: no automatic indent conversion/replacement will be happening, especially on non-modified lines.


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