Add new subdirectory and files to SVN project


we've got an existing project in SVN, which is checked out in latest WebStorm 11.0.2 in OS X. Since we add massive new files and directories dynamically (it is an external process which downloads and install files), we want to add new files and directories automatically when committing the repository. I.e., Eclipse recognizes new files and directories automatically and lets us commit new files as they are found by the IDE. In WebStorm, this seems impossible, since every time we try to commit, the process states "Nothing to commit - no changes detected". We can add several files manually to SVN, but this is not a solution, since we deal with 26828 files in 3943 directories, the intention is to grow continously.
What solution can WebStorm provide, other than to open the same project in Eclipse and let this IDE do the work?

Harald Koch

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