Latest PHPStorm update caused debugger to stop working

Hey everybody,

I'm not sure if other people have eperienced this issue, but search these forums, nothing seemed to come up.

I was using my debugger yesterday and today I upgraded my PHPStorm, and it seemed to stop the debugger from being able to talk to the debugger, either in my browser or my CLI. I looked through the changelog and it didn't seem like anything listed would have caused this issue.

To give you an idea of my setup, I am running a localhost on a Mac OSX 10.11.1, running PHP 5.6 and Xdebug 2.2.3. I have confirmed that my CLI and web server are both running the same instance of PHP. I have not changed anything else on my system since the update.

Can anyone provide any insight here as to what might have happened and/or how to fix it?

Thanks so much!

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Additionally, I should probably attach my PHPStorm Debug log file here:

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Just another update on my troubleshooting progress. I installed MAMP and attempted to use it's version of XDebug (in conjunction with the MAMP components, instead of my brewed components), and it seems to work, even with this new PHPStorm update. After comparing the two setups, it seems that MAMP comes bundled (at least the version I have) with XDebug 2.2.7, whereas my brewed xdebug is 2.3.3

It seems that 2.3.x comes with a number of new configuration settings and perhaps some breaking APIs (despite the definition of a minor release according to semvar...

I will attempt to see if I can downgrade my XDebug to see if this solves the issue altogether.

As always, if anyone has any advice on this, please feel free to post here.


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Another update on this one, I was able to solve my problem. It seems my problem was outside of PHPStorm, and actually the way my web server was setup. If you encounter this issue where nothing seems to work, I would recommend trying listening on a port that is something other than 9000. It seems that some php-fpm builds default to serving on port 9000, which conflicts with the XDebug port listening. To fix this, you need to change the port setting in your XDebug settings (likely an xdebug-ext.ini file somewhere on your server/config) as well as changing the listening port in PHPStorm (which is located in Languages & Tools > PHP > Debug.

I hope this helps someone else!

- Mark


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