Synchronization of files in phpstorm 10 is not working correctly.

I have setup "Synchronization" to "Save files on frame deactivation"
This is the onyl option that is checked in "Synchronization" section.
However, while this option works, IDE also saves the file after I switch tabs inside the IDE.
I can easily observe this because the "Gulp" tool which is watching the files, runs two times.
1. on frame deactivation ( as it supposed to)
2. on changing the tab ( switching to a different file tab inside the IDE) <- shouldn't do this.

System: Ubuntu 14.04.3

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Yes, this is the expected behavior:)

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How can this be expected behaviour ?
I have specifically setup for files to be saved only when IDE loses focus, not when I switch tabs inside the IDE.
And IDE does both, saves files when it looses focus, and then it saves files again when i switch the tabs.


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