workspace.xml gets corrupted by German umlaut


since a few days I ran into the issue that my PHPStorm started up extremely slow. After some investigation I figured out what's going on:

1. I have a GitHub repository and track my issues there.
2. On activation of a given task the switch to this task (plus branch and changelist) was extremely slow.
3. This was not happening until about three days ago.

Research on the file system shows that the workspace.xml is totally corrupted after an entry containig a German umlaut in a commit message.
The file is about 35MB large and contains only illegible content.

I've attached a pic from the file system and a screenshot from some content.
In the pic badcharacters.jpg the text is supposed to be "Projekt-View überarbeitet". It breaks at the 'ü'.

This behaviour can be reproduced every time I open a task via an issue from GitHub.

Any help is appreciated.

Regards from Germany



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