Errors while running Cucumber.js tests


I am setting-up an Express app that will use Cucumber. When following the instructions at

When running Cucumber, the run test tool window at bottom opens, and on the left it shows "Test framework quit unexpectedly" and on the right the following is displayed:

/Users/mklepp001c/WebstormProjects/CucumberTestApp/node_modules/.bin/cucumber.js -format=summary --require /Users/mklepp001c/WebstormProjects/CucumberTestApp/features --require /Applications/
Testing started at 9:25 AM ...

  error: unknown option `-a'

If I instead right-click on a .feature file and choose Run, I get this:

/Users/mklepp001c/WebstormProjects/CucumberTestApp/node_modules/.bin/cucumber.js --name /Users/mklepp001c/WebstormProjects/CucumberTestApp/features/add-item.feature -format=summary --require /Users/mklepp001c/WebstormProjects/CucumberTestApp/features --require /Applications/
Testing started at 9:30 AM ...

  error: unknown option `--name'

Note: in the Run/Debug Configurations dialog, the Cucumber.js arguments field is empty.

Everything runs fine when I run Cucumber from the command line.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.35.32 AM.png

the problem is that Cucumber-js CLI format has changed in recent  version, and we need to update the integration accordingly. This issue  is tracked as, please follow it for updates

Thank you, Elena! Hopefully this will get fixed soon.


Updated to 11.0.3 and my cucumber tests now pass.  Hopefully the CucumberJS maintainer will not continue to add breaking changes to an otherwise working command line interface.  They need to think through the ramifications of that. 


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