Html input autocomplet issue

I have a little problem with autocomplet function on html input elements. It ceates <input> tag, but I would like to add some attributes like type... So I would like to have open <input tag instead of closed <input>.
Is that behavior normal or is it an issue?

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input tag does not need closing tag in html, thus it's completed this way... see also

I'd suggest using Emmet here - input<Tab> will expand into

input type=""/>

input[type=button]<Tab> - into

input type="button"/>

input:b<Tab> -
<input type="button" value="">
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Hmm Emmet works fine, but I have not enough skills with it. I should use it much more.
When we are talking about Emmet - is there a way to allow Emmet for some html-like template system (.latte)? I can't use it and in Emmet settings is no opiton to that.

EDIT: As I see there is no support of Emmet for latte :(


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