Can't locate any WebIde directory

Hello there !

I am on linux and can't locate the directory  (WebIdeXX) where I am supposed to add ColorSchemes etc.
However I succeeded to locate the ColorSchemes directory in /lib/resources.jar. I tried to extract the files, to add my .xml and compress resources.jar.
PhpStorm won't start, and many errors appears when starting the soft. (Does the .jar need a signature !?)

How could I proceed ?
Thx & sorry for my english :)

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Ok thank you I found it.

But I can't find any directory where I can put a colorsheme file :

How can I proceed ?

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You have to place your color schema files into ~/.WebIde100/config/colors directory (if you create your own color schema in IDE such folder will be created by IDE for you).

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Indeed !

Thanks a lot !


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